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The five major benefits of the appeleon agile environment

Best custom fit of user requirements

Application available from Day One as joint result with business experts

3-4 times faster results compared to classical development

Savings of up to 2/3 of effort compared to classical development

Centralized compliance management and administration of departmental applications


So appeleon is the perfect solution to provide Business Managed Applications - also called End User Computing or Smart Process Applications. To date the departments use many tools like MS Excel, MS Access, Lotus Notes or still dBase to close the gaps in IT-Support. In the future you can use appeleon with all advantages.

appeleon benefits


Why are appeleon implementations faster?

appeleon benefits

Please refer to our Overview Presentation for more details.


feature overview

appeleon - the base for Business Managed Applications

More than 500 Functions
To build a business application you can combine more than 500 Features.

Business applications can be configured just using a Web browser- no coding needed

Full Life Cycle Management
The appeleon agile environment offers a stack for the entire life cycle of business applications – starting from design, to implementation, test and operations.

On Premise or as Cloud Service
appeleon business applications are provided On Premise, in the Private Cloud or as Public Cloud Service. Several demand and usage-bound payment models are available.

Applicable for many subject areas
appeleon business applications are successfully used in several domains (e.g. project management, material management or sales).

Automated transformation of existing solutions
The appeleon agile environment is suitable for new applications as well as the replacement of existing solutions for compliance (Excel2appeleon) or technology reasons (Notes2appeleon).



environment details  

To operate appeleon you just need a JAVA Runtime Environment and appeleon can be combined with many different Databases. Configured Business Objects can be edited with an WEB or Rich Client. The integration with other systems will be done with "out of the box" WEB-Services (REST or SOAP).