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immocare gmbh


The 4i immoCARE gmbh is specialized to realize potentials that are based on a common property management.



Under communal property management we understand the coordinated interaction of all participants in the real estate community - owners, users and suppliers. 

In addition to standardized processes and a common data management the approach of the "best joint value" plays a role that results from the fact that an optimization of the overall benefit of a community for everyone always gives a better result than the optimization of the individual benefits. 
It does not matter if we identify or develop through our 4i services for individual property owners these potentials within consulting projects for large organizations. 
The 4i immoCARE gmbh was founded in 2005. 
A crucial success factor are the people in and around the 4i immoCARE. 
For our employees is our attractiveness in our holistic approach, the obligation to make a difference, a multicultural staff culture that encompasses all age groups and other attractive services that we offer them.

4i immocare gmbh

Immocare gmbh

City: Mannheim
Country: Germany
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