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DATIS IT-Services GmbH

The DATIS IT-Services GmbH has 44 years of experience in the outsourcing and software development fields and operates a high availability computer center.


The all-in-one solutions are the strong suit of the DATIS IT-Services GmbH, highly valued by its customers. Each customer is being cared for by a competent contact. Fast communication routes allow for a fast implementation of the customers requirements.
All types of outsourcing are part of the service offer. Two separate, synchronized computer centers with redundant systems in different buildings are available.
The software development tasks include the development of software packages for warehouse management, intermodal freight transport, tracking/tracing, transport management and ERP systems. Customer oriented contracts perfect the offer.

DATIS IT-Services GmbH
DATIS IT Services GmbH

City: Mannheim
Country: Germany
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