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IBM Deutschland GmbH

IBM is globally one of the biggest providers von IT (hardware, software and services).
The solution portfolio includes supercomputers, software, services including consulting and financing.
IBM supports its customers through globally organized teams and cooperation with roughly 100.000 business partners. The focus lies on international projects and the development of individual and flexibly fundable solutions.
By concentrating its corporate structure on core compenteces IBM positions itself on the market simultanously emphasizing its position as a globally integrated company with a long and sustainable growth model. IBM Germany is divided along the value-added chain into the following fields of competence:  'Research & Development', 'Sales & Consulting', 'Solutions & Services' and 'Management & Support'.
It combines the industiral and the solutions expertise by defining its sales according to the added valueof its customers, while structuring the business areas regionally and in accordance with the respcetive sector. The customer profits from specialized teams with comprehensive knowledge of the different sectors and from a continuous support through a contact on site.


IBM Deutschland GmbH

IBM Deutschland

City: Ehningen
Country: Germany
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